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Kitale street orphans

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. So much has been happening and let me tell you, it’s been oh-so-good! It may sound silly to say this but there’s something so freeing, so exciting and so encouraging about following God; emphasis on following.

So often, I start out asking God to lead me to do this or that, then before long, realize that I’ve slipped back into my mode of self-reliance. Worse than the realization that I’ve yet again taken back the reigns I’ve just yielded to Him, I also end up feeling responsible for the results. Honestly, what a burden this is! And one I don’t believe I’m meant to bear.

It’s been nearly a year since I left corporate life for full-time ministry, and one of the greatest lessons I’m learning (trust me, there’ve been several) is the incredible power and yes, freedom, in allowing God to be God and staying behind Him as I live out the days He’s set before me. And when I do, God overwhelms me by blessing the ministry He’s called me to form and lead – Love Without Borders (Upendo Home is our primary project) –with incredible results.

I know without any doubt in my mind that full-time ministry to women in the states and abroad and, more recently, to the homeless orphans of Kitale, is what He’s set before me to do in this season of life. Just thinking now of my beloved boys in Upendo Home and of the many still-homeless orphans on the streets (some pictured above) makes me weep. It’s heart-shattering to see these children so hopeless and helpless. It brings up every sense of Holy Discontent in me.

Beyond my devoted mama-love and fiery passion for helping these children, the thing that spurs me on the most is to know that I’m being led by the very One who created me to do the very work I am doing. In His Word, He affirms me with this:

I tell you this: whenever you saw a brother or sister hungry or cold, whatever you did to the least of these, so you did to Me. Matthew 25:40 (Voice)

So despite the discouragement I feel when so many people who have the means to help seem indifferent to our cause, I remind myself that my efforts are for Him, but the results are His. Oh, sweet freedom.

As I mentioned before, there have been blessings too! I’ll share just a few:

  • Returning from Kenya to an organically grown team of women who share my passion for this ministry –Megan, Nina, Laurel, Kristi and Stephanie — and are now my Love Without Borders team
  • Donors who’ve offered to send support, without being asked. Including one who sent me $1K just this past week for my return to Kenya in late February
  • Sponsors for our Upendo Home boys! We’ve only recently started asking for sponsors yet we’re only five away from being fully sponsored!
  • People who have supported our different fundraisers and IndieGogo campaigns.

For these things and others I’ve not mentioned, I humbly say thank you! And I offer all praise the One who owns the results, regardless of when and how they come.

While the results remain His, with the amazing support of my team, I’ll continue to press on with everything within me to carry this cause forward. The story that God has unfolded is so much more incredible than I can ever impart in a blog alone. I’m compelled and equipped to tell the story — His story — and am currently writing a book that I truly believe God will use to broaden awareness of this ministry and increase the support we so desperately need to do more. I’m eager and excited to see what He does.

Just this week, the Love Without Borders non-profit will be officially launched at our Night of Upendo event on the evening of January 30. If you’re local to Southern California and interested in attending, we’d love to see you! Just message me for details.

Whatever you do, I pray you’ll find a way to do for the least of these. I promise you, your heart will never ever be the same.

If you are able to help with networking, sponsorship, a donation or some other way, would you kindly let us know via email to lovewithoutbordersca@gmail.com. Donations can be made via PayPal to lovewithoutbordersca@gmail.com. Thank you ever so much.