Well, this is it. Just a few short hours ago, I said goodbye to the corporate world and stepped onto the next stone ahead…the one that is leading me ever more closer to the next opportunity for ministry. How timely and fitting that today I will host a meeting with the women’s team that I will lead to Kenya in June.

The best word to describe my last work week is bittersweet. Leaving the work itself was not hard at all, though my final job was my dream job from a corporate perspective. No indeed — leaving the many faces that have been in the view of my life the last seventeen years was the tough part…the part that makes me misty-eyed even today.

I am so grateful for an amazing sendoff party. While usually made quite uncomfortable by ¬†celebrations focused on me, I had the opportunity to share a meal and some sweet memories with about 25 people that I not only worked with these past years, but shared life with these past years. To sit at the head of the table and look onto all of them blessed my heart so much. My boss arranged the whole event, shared an emotional and deeply meaningful speech and topped that off by singing a lovely Italian aria — he is classically trained and has the chops — and I know this was a gift of love from him to me. Someone said that lunch felt like a “love fest” and it truly was.

Throughout the last two days, I received so many wonderful visits and messages, hugs and tears. You see, when you work so many hours with people, you really do fall in love with some of them. While there are hundreds of other people I would have loved to have seen, this was not possible.

The bible tells us that God has created us for a specific purpose and orchestrates the timing: ¬†Ephesians 2:10: “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” I know this is true for my own life…it is my solid belief in this truth that fuels my step onto this next stone in the path before me. And I also believe it is true of every one of my work colleagues.

So yesterday, my final act of love for them was one that they didn’t even know about. As I walked the many aisles of our building, I prayed for all of them as I did — that they would know God’s love, the He would protect them and equip them in the days ahead, and that they too would find or continue the good works that they are meant to do. The world is a much better place whenever this happens.

God’s blessings on you, my friends. I will miss you and I love you.